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The Cornell Chapter of Aplha Zeta Fraternity currently has 39 active brothers and sisters. We are a co-ed social, honors, and professional fraternity with a focus in agriculture and the life sciences. 


Our majors include:

-Agricultural Science

-Animal Science

-Plant Science

-Biological Science

-Environmental Engineeering

-Viticuture and Enology


-Nutritional Science



Though many of our memebrs are in CALS, our memebrship is not limited to strictly agriculture-related fields. Several alumni come from majors like Landscape Architecture, Applied Ecomonics & Management, Hotel Administration, and Government.


On Campus Activities:


Our memebers are havily involeved in many other activites on campus, many of them serving as officers in other organizations.


These include:


HOUSE FALL 2016 opt

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