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The Jeffrey W. DeGumbia Memorial Award

Local scholarship of $1000 (may be split between more than one student). To be awarded to someone who best represents the spirit of Jeff: enthusiastic, involved, dedicated to Alpha Zeta and Cornell, academically, serious, ambitious, friendly and fun loving. Usually awarded in the Spring around March 20th, Jeff's birthday. 

The Middaugh Award

Local, not need-based scholarship of several awards of $1000 or more (split between more than one student). The Middaugh Memorial Fund was established in 1965 in memory of Wessels S. Middaugh '26, who dedicated his life to service through a career in international agriculture. In 1972, his son, W. Stephen Middaugh '62, died unexpectedly and a trustee action changed the name of the fund to include the gifts received in his memory.

The James & Velva L. Rose Family Scholarship

Local, need-based scholarship that is only open to those eligible for financial aid. The number of awards and the award amounts vary, usually $1000-2500, depending upon need and appropriateness. Usually awarded only to students who meet the criteria, including intended career field: In 1982, family and friends established the fund in the college. The Rose family prize is awarded each year to encourage the study of agricultural cooperatives and international development. As an undergrad, James Rose was a member of Alpha Zeta, staff member of the Cornell Countrymen and a member of the Cornell Crew from 1929 to 1932. He had a long and distinguished career managing agricultural cooperatives locally, nationally, and in Canada. He directed many special overseas projects for industry and the government, with several countries involved. Preference is given to juniors or seniors who intend to pursue a career in agricultural cooperatives and/or international development.

The Kent L. Wells Alpha Zeta Memorial Scholarship

Local scholarship of $500. The Kent L. Wells Alpha Zeta Memorial Scholarship was established in 1969 following the untimely death of Brother Wells '64. This was the first endowed scholarship set up through the National Alpha Zeta Foundation. The award was put under local management of the CALS Charitable Turst in 2017. Income from the fund is awarded to a deserving junior or senior member of Alpha Zeta. Criteria for the scholarship are financial need, strong academic performance, and "evincing the spirit of Alpha Zeta." The recipient must be nationally initiated.

The Jeremy R. DeBlock '05 Award

Local award of $1000. The Jeremy R. DeBlock Award was established in 2005, following the untimely death of Brother Jeremy R. DeBlock '05, shortly after graduation. The criteria are financial need, strong leadership, involvement and commitment to Alpha Zeta, to CALS and to the Ithaca community.

Robert C. Baker '43 Award

Local scholarship of $500; it is not based on financial need. Preference will be given to students majoring in horticulture or food science who have demonstrated significant leadership and/or commitment to Alpha Zeta. This award is the first to come out of the AZ Alumni Leaders Fund, established to recognize the significant leadership and commitment for the fraternity by an AZ alumus. Since graduating, Bob Baker was involved in one way or another with AZ, most significantly as President of the Corporation Board from 1981 to 2000. During this time, the feasibility study and actual reconstruction of the present house was undertaken under Dr. Baker's leadership, and $1.6 million was raised for the reconstruction of the house. Dr. Baker passed away in March of 2006.

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